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17 Sundays by Claire Primrose and Nikala Vagg
17 Sundays is boutique brand for the fashion focused full figured customer. The brand was incepted in 2010, by Claire Primrose and Nikala Vagg. With over 20 years combined experienced in the fashion industry working for other brands it was time to focus on our passion and remain true to what we value, hence 17 Sundays was born. 17 was the age we loved the most in our teens, we were defining our individuality and honing our self confidence through fashion and pop culture, mix-tapes were of life or death importance and looking good was an obsession. We lived for the weekend and looking back, Sunday afternoons seemed as dreamy as an Audrey Horne dance sequence from an episode of Twin Peaks.

The core value of 17 is to maintain a strong focus on quality, styling and pushing the boundaries of the current plus size offer, whilst still maintaining our commercial viability. We want every young woman to have the opportunity to chose how they define themselves aesthetically, its empowering. We retail globally and wholesale within Australia and to some recently acquired wholesale accounts in the United States. Our key categories are; denim, leather, fully fashioned knitwear, original textiles design and placement prints and jersey dressing.

Showcasing June 15, 2012

Ashley Nell Tipton
I'm 20 years old was born and raised in San Diego, the youngest out of 4 brothers and sister. At the young age of 7 years old, I discovered my love of sewing. With days spent working and re-working clothes for my Barbie's as a young child, I learned to use my grandmother's sewing machine. By the time I completed my senior year of high school, I also completed my first collection that was inspired by my love for the hippie generation. Years later, upon returning from a trip to Paris and London to visit fellow design students at the Atelier Chandon Savard school in Paris, I knew that my future collection was going to be inspired by the British rocker flare of London. I am currently looking to fill in the gaps that I sees in the full figure market and to be THE full figure designers for real women with an edge.

My collection is a full figure collection for a 20-30-something female that is chic with a rocker-edge. The artful combination of glamour and street inspired my collection. Women's curves inspired the construction and my love for color and a fight against the phrase "black is slimming" affected my color choices. Going against the grain I created a collection that is full of bright hues and bold patterns. I pictured my muse roaming the streets of London unabashed and feeling confident in my stride while wearing designs that are not seen in full figure wear today. The finished product incorporates both boldness and finesse, just like my herself.

I am delighted to share my collection with all of you! See you in New York.

Showcasing June 15, 2012

Ashley Stewart
Since the early 1990's Ashley Stewart has been offering inspiring, fashion-forward clothing for curvy women. The always-stunning fashions and welcoming staff make this premiere retailer a necessary destination. Ashley Stewart lives up to its reputation of uncompromising style, flattering fit, and consistently exception value. With 189 stores across the nation, Ashley Stewart is the ultimate destination for trend-savvy, curvy and confident women.

Showcasing June 16, 2012

Chinoo Designs by Patricia Stewart
After working for over 22 years in fashion, designer Patricia Stewart began to question the industry’s standards, which herald thinness and assume all women fit a basic body prototype. Now the designer of her own label, Chinoo Designs, Stewart has created a line of basics that are both flattering and fashion-forward on plus-size women.

Chinoo features a variety of styles that embrace curves, not hide them. She empathizes with women who are similarly discouraged by the availability of clothing that fits their body type. Stewart has focused that frustration on creating a collection of smart, pretty designs that make each women feel beautiful in her own right.

Sewing is in Stewart's heritage. Her mother and grandmother instilled in her a passion for designing and sewing before she was seven. After attending the Academy of Fashion Design in downtown Chicago, she worked as a designer at several Chicago-based companies before coming to Philadelphia.

Stewart has a wide breadth of experience, including a rise to the to of one of fashion's most widely-known labels, Lord & Taylor. She has worked as a seamstress, sample sewer, pattern maker, and designer and each step has given her an intricate look in the process of creating a quality garment.

With a European flourish, Chinoo incorporates many geometric angles, lines and shapes each piece to make plus size women feel taller and slimmer. Her talent for draping can be found on many pieces alongside small, accentuating details. From intricate necklines to silky cowl necks, Chinoo focuses on making women feel good about themselves.

With both a sense of style and purpose the result of Stewart’s collections are a tour-de- force for plus-size fashion and extends creativity and fashion to all body types.

Showcasing June 15, 2012

Curvato by Nicci Gilbert-Daniels
During the height of my career with one of most successful girl groups in R&B, I often experienced low self esteem because of my size. Stylist often had to special order or custom make my clothing because buying fashionable clothing off the rack was not an option for me like it was for many of my peers. In my youth it was embarrassing and resulted in me making unhealthy lifestyle decisions in an effort to be more physically "attractive" and fit into skin that was not mine.

As I matured I began to realize that being healthy is more important than being pretty and that being pretty doesnt mean I had to be thin. It felt like with every new piece I had designed I also received a new peace of mind. I began to embrace my Curves along with the idea that I could inspire other full figured women to embrace theirs.

Curvato plus size clothing was inspired by my personal 18 year struggle as a full figured woman in the entertainment industry. Curvato is the result of many years of hits and misses in my quest to design clothing that would compliment not cover. My goal is to appeal to women who have discovered that being beautiful, sexy and empowered is only enhanced by clothing and style not created by it.

Simply put, Curvato Clothing is made to compliment a REAL woman's Curves and to inspire Real women's empowerment.

website coming soon

Showcasing June 15, 2012

Evans is the UK's leading fashion retailer and shape expert for plus size women. With over 80 years experience in the plus size market, they specialise in dressing women according to their body shape be it Apple, Hourglass, Pear or Busty.

Inspired by both current trends and classic pieces, Evans understand their customers' view on body image and design clothes, shoes, lingerie and accessories to fit, flatter, instil confidence and make her look and feel amazing.

Showcasing June 16, 2012

Eyani Couture by Sakinah B.
High fashion couture clothing for the confident classy and curvy everyday woman. Trendsetting looks varying from party wear to red carpet gowns, expanding all the way to the runway. This brand will evolve into the new "haute couture" line for curvy woman worldwide.

Showcasing June 16, 2012

Eye Candy by SK WiLBUR - Sorta Kinda Enterprises
The Fall 2012 - EYE CANDY Collection is a full expression of SK WiLBUR's aesthetic for the curvy, confident woman. Sleek, tailored shapes are rendered in a mouth watering explosion of color. Tops, skirts, coats, and dresses come in yummy licorice, Twizzler®, lollipop, grape, pumpkin pie, and cherry bomb and transition easily from the office to cocktails and beyond. Hats from the Otis Damo'n Sweet Tooth Collection provide the finishing touch. Never sticky sweet, SK WiLBUR delivers polish and panache to the most discerning woman.

Showcasing June 15, 2012

JIBRI by Jasmine Elder
Jasmine Elder is an American fashion designer and the creator of the plus size contemporary women's label, JIBRI. Jasmine grew up in Atlanta and has lived in both NY and London as a student. She was introduced to garment construction by her teenage friend and mentor, Jibri Mann when she was in high school. The line was aptly named after him in 2006. Jasmine's designs are inspired by the glamor of vintage Hollywood cinema, powerful female figures, underground culture, visual art and music. JIBRI is dedicated to creating garments for the fashion- conscious curvy woman (size 12-24).

The designer concentrates on pieces that flatter all plus size body types. JIBRI includes classic wardrobe staples as well as timeless standout pieces. Each collection includes a variation of garments made with lush fabrics that focus on fabulous fit. "My line has pieces that appeal to the glamorous and sophisticated side in all women", says Jasmine on JIBRI.

Showcasing June 15, 2012

Jill Alexander Designs by Jill Alexander
Jill Alexander has more than 25 years of experience in the fashion industry, including visual merchandising for Ann Taylor and A Pea in the Pod. She consistently breaks new ground with coordinated looks for women of all sizes. Jill draws on her skills in costume design, fabric construction and tailoring to bring the plus-size woman designs that are comfortable, flattering and easy to care for. It is Jill's goal that every woman look and feel beautiful in her designs.

Jill founded Jill Alexander Designs (JAD)™ in June 2009 in response to ongoing requests for her custom creations. Her passion to design beautiful and comfortable clothing for curvy women led to her to create styles that are destined to become staples in a woman's wardrobe. Her work has recently been showcased on the runway in London has been featured in Vogue.

Her latest collection for Fall 2012, Familiar Destination, was inspired by an adventure of a lifetime; crossing bridges through design, culture, and life. Realizing that no matter how far you travel there are always a connection.

The Fall 2012 line presents a beautiful twist to the classical familiar pieces with a modern look, rich jewel tone colors and collars and cuffs. It's a collection that brings detailed tailoring, and style, to today's wardrobe without losing the comfort and versatility for busy woman.

Showcasing June 15, 2012

Kiss My Curves by Evie Foster
Leonardo DaVinci said "Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication" and this is also key for Evie Foster and her first and long awaited Collection, Kiss My Curves. The Evie Foster label is all about style, versatility and comfort. The designs are created to 'kiss' a woman's curves, rather than strangle them or hide them completely. Evie Foster is bringing sexy back whilst keeping it 'oh so classy'.

An Australian designer, presenting your first collection in New York is definitely not for the faint hearted, but that is what Evie and her Team will be doing this June. Evie's break-out style and endearing personality have garnered some strong supporters around the World and her never say never attitude is key to her success and reflected in her designs.

New York was the inspiration for Evie Foster's first Collection, Kiss My Curves. NYC is strong, busy, powerful, exciting AND seductive - as is the woman that wears Evie Foster. She is everything the City is and more - she is curvy and sexy and craves comfort. She stands tall, strong a and proud and can be found standing on the top of the Empire State Building shouting - "Kiss My.... Curves!"

Evie has always been an advocate for the empowerment of women and this collection is one of many avenues through which she is determined to make a difference. Evie is not only creating fabulous clothing, but also working on how she can contribute and support women and girls on their journey of 'loving themselves'. Evie Foster is the absolute embodiment of her label. Style & glamour personified with a little bit of sexy thrown in. POSE Magazine agrees, calling Evie one of their top 25 visionaries. We think that says it all.

Showcasing June 16, 2012

Lane Bryant
Lane Bryant is the nation's leading women's curvy apparel retailer, offering an unsurpassed collection of stylish and high-quality fashion in sizes 14-28.

Together, Lane Bryant and Cacique represent high-quality, fashionable clothing and intimates that serve around-the-clock lifestyles of women sizes 14-28. Cacique, the premier intimate apparel leader for curvy woman, features a collection of bras, panties, shapewear and sleepwear in everyday styles and sexy specialty pieces that provide the perfect foundation for all Lane Bryant fashion.

2012 is the summer of love Lane Bryant! Our 2012 Swimwear collection promises fun in the sun with a mix and match collection for countless options and the sexy support of our built-in Cacique plunge and balconette bras. We’ve turned up the heat on the season’s hottest maxi dress with bold colors and prints that take it effortlessly from day to night. Underneath it all is our Cacique line of intimates that give cool comfort in sexy, supportive styles.

Showcasing June 16, 2012

Lavender's Jungle by La Krisha Joseph-Baker
La Krisha S. Joseph-Baker knew at an early age fashion was her passion. Throughout her life she designed and constructed wedding gowns, business wear, club wear, and a variety of other garments to help celebrate special events in her family and friends lives. Classically trained by her Great Grandmother, a master seamstress, she refers to her technique as “old school.” In early 2012, equipped with a degree in Business, the business knowledge of several years in corporate America, and the skills passed down from her Great Grandmother, La Krisha formed Lavender's Jungle, LLC, a full figured fashion line which caters to women size 16-22. Lavender's Jungle is a cutting edge fashion line created with the full figured woman in mind. It is our belief that clothes should fit the woman, not the other way around. We use the best quality materials to create one of a kind designs, taking into consideration the specific needs of our client’s curves.

Lavender's Jungle will debut the Black and Blue collection at this year's FFFWeek.

Showcasing June 15, 2012

Mandeep Litt by Mandeep Singh Litt
Created and founded by 20-year old Indian designer, Mandeep Singh Litt, the brand, "Mandeep Litt", is establishing itself for Indian and international business of designer women's ethnic, Western and Indo-Western garments, men's classic range of suits, jackets and wedding sherwanis. And also a range of exclusive evening bags and other fashion accessories.

Showcasing June 15, 2012

Masaari by Love Voundi
The work of different fabrics, creatively handled in an innovative way during each season, is flattered by a style kept simple and served by a perfect completion. Set on a trip around the world, Masaari's collections will delight you with a lifestyle faithful to the one of her creator: nomadic, lively and epicurean. To make use of the richness a culture has to offer is Masaari's mission.

The Masaari brand invites on a journey through its creations, spiced up by its colorful and culturally diverse inspiration.

Showcasing June 15, 2012

MYNT 1792 by Adorn Fashions
Adorn Fashions is a family owned business that specializes in manufacturing Plus Size Contemporary Ready to Wear since 1978. The company is an industry leader known to the retail community for excellence in private label product development in both the U.S. and Canada. At Full Figured Fashion Week 2012 in New York City, they will be stepping out from behind the scenes to shake up the plus size market with the exciting launch of MYNT 1792. The Collection combines downtown trend with uptown sophistication…

Now there is FINALLY a brand that believes all women were created EQUAL!

MYNT 1792 “OUT OF MANY ONE” coming soon!

Showcasing June 16, 2012

Pretty Pear Bride
Pretty Pear Bride

Pretty Pear Bride is a site where plus size brides can find bridal inspiration that THEY long for. It was created as a place for plus size brides to see themselves in wedding inspiration. Everyone wants to see people that look like them, doing what they are trying to do because it allows them to envision that they can be just as glamorous and gorgeous as they imagined.

Alfred Angelo

The Alfred Angelo brand is among the most recognizable and respected brands in bridal, representing quality materials and workmanship at affordable prices. With almost 80 years experience, it is one of the largest and longest continually owned-and-operated companies in bridal apparel.

Showcasing June 16, 2012

Queen Grace Collection by Marina Zelner
Since the Queen Grace Collection debut at the 2011 Full Figured Fashion Week, Marina Zelner and the Queen Grace Creative team, lead by Adolfo Sanchez have generated a "royal" buzz on international fashion runways and press. The industry media, popular fashion websites, style bloggers as well as numerous celebrities have embraced Queen Grace and spread the news about this exciting life style brand. Queen Grace fans and customers are clamoring to be a part of this innovative and supremely exciting opportunity to own and wear Queen Grace designs.

Marina created Queen Grace as a high-fashion company that designs exclusively for a real, fashion forward, contemporary woman and celebrates her freedom, confidence and inner beauty season after season. The Fall/Winter 2013 collection presented in June will continue the celebration of woman's strength and passion with chic, feminine designs that accentuate and complement beautiful curves. Inspired by richness of the earth abundance the collection offers vibrant colors, exquisite patterns and a variety of textures combined to mirror woman's complexity and magnificence.

Showcasing June 15, 2012

Rachel Pally White Label
Rachel Pally has introduced a uniquely vibrant approach to womenswear design that blends the easy and elegant, the chic and classic. After studying Cultural Geography and Dance at the University of California, Berkeley, Rachel began a small contemporary line that has since developed into Rachel Pally Inc.

Rachel's love of dance cultivated her desire to convey the fluidity of movement and the beauty of the human form in each garment produced. Rooted in the Southern California sensibility, Rachel's pieces flow seamlessly from bare-foot daytime walks to glamorous cocktail soirees.

Rachel has been hailed as LA's "Jersey Girl" since founding her line in 2002. Rachel has overseen the company’s design direction and led its extraordinary expansion since the beginning. From the classic Basic Tee to the coveted Caftan Dress, Rachel Pally has prevailed in the jersey arena with her innovative designs and the ability to fuse simplicity with glamour.

In Fall of 2007 the exclusive plus-size collection was launched - Rachel Pally White Label. The White Label offers many of the best selling styles from each season in sizes 14-22. "It is Rachel’s mission to provide quality, comfort, and style to women of all shapes and sizes.

Whether you’re a mom-to-be, a size 2 or 22, Rachel offers diversity each season with a fresh approach to fashion and a goal to design something beautiful for everyone.

From the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Hudson, Heidi Klum, Rachel Bilson, to Jessica Alba, Pally's designs are a favorite amongst Hollywood’s elite. The Rachel Pally collection can be found nationwide at Bloomingdales, Macys, Nordstrom, Revolve Clothing and

For press contact:
Jen Green
Genevieve Productions

Showcasing June 15, 2012

Savannah Red by Anslee Connell
The fun, flirty, curvaceous designs of Savannah Red come to you from Anslee Connell, a Georgia-born singer, photographer, and full-figured clothing designer. Anslee made her way to Austin, TX, during the summer of 2007 and fell in love with an eco-friendly culture full of local artists, musicians and crafters. A handmade junkie herself, Anslee quickly embraced the flavor of the city and thus began sewing together her own spunky pieces of artistic flair. Paired with an ear for the internal romantic, feel her soul stitched into every design. "Be inspired, not influenced," is the message touted from Anslee's Savannah Red line she calls "Curvy Couture," empowering it's wearers to challenge the world and unleash their inner fabulousness.

Showcasing June 15, 2012

Sonsi® is an online marketplace destination that offers shopping and socializing for women sizes 12 and above. Sonsi offers 300+ brands, including Monif C., Kiyonna™, Lane Bryant®, IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel, Fashion Bug®, alight, Sealed With A Kiss Designs, Sydney's Closet®, Swimsuits For All, Catherines®, A Big Attitude, Palm Beach Jewelry, Lane Bryant Outlet® and many more. Sonsi's selection features trendy tops and bottoms, show-stopping evening dresses, perfect casual dresses, activewear, careerwear, Cacique® intimates, sexy lingerie, curve-hugging shapewear and more. Sonsi's year-round swimwear and resort selection offers something for you no matter what time of year you're planning your getaway! Shop your favorite suit styles plus fabulous accessories to complete your look. Flowy maxi dresses, perfectly framed sunglasses, colorful jewelry, flip flops, beach totes… shop these styles and more at

Showcasing June 16, 2012

Sorella Swim by Jessica Petersen
Sorella Swim launched in July 2011. Jessica Petersen, founder and designer, is no newcomer to the fashion industry. After attending The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Jessica held many high profile design positions including designing private label baby and children collections for the Federated Merchandising Group and Disney, as well as ready-to-wear and swim for Torrid, the mall based plus size retailer. It was at Torrid that Jessica first felt a real sense of fulfillment and connection with the customer for whom she was designing. Jessica's insight, creativity and passion for design combined with the need for trendy full-figure fashion, sparked the development of Sorella Swim.

The word "Sorella" means sisters in Italian. The Sorella Swim logo is composed of a circle around an S shaped figure. The circle represents the sun’s rays and the S is for the ocean’s waves. Together, their CURVES represent the sisters of summer.

Sorella Swim is the first luxury swimwear brand developed exclusively for the young, sexy, sophisticated, curvy woman. Sorella Swim prides itself on using only the highest quality fabrics and trims with specific focus on fit and figure flattering details. This key attention to detail combined with superb craftsmanship and design set Sorella Swim apart from all other full-figure swimwear brands. Sorella Swim is not trying to change or alter the curvy woman's figure; the goal is to flatter the curvy woman's figure so she feels sexy and chic with a brand she can call her own.

Showcasing June 15, 2012

Youtheary Khmer by Theary Sim
The Youtheary Khmer Glow collection explores a unique fusion of contrasting cultures. Inspired by Cambodia, Youtheary Khmer's heavenly inspired designs bring cultural aesthetic and electric shades creating an explosion of feminine silhouettes with modern ideals. Bipolar forces are brought together in a clashing combination of traditional tailoring with a citrus color palette. The creation of forceful femininity is reminiscent of nature at its extremes.

Theary Sim, designer of Youtheary Khmer, takes a more free spirited approach to traditional ready to wear, combining a woman's natural senses of feeling beautiful. Youtheary Khmer's go with the flow collection, showcases the eccentric personalities of bold confidence and effortless beauty that makes every woman GLOW.

Showcasing June 15, 2012


17 Sundays

by Claire Primrose and Nikala Vagg

Ashley Nell Tipton

Ashley Stewart

Chinoo Designs

by Patricia Stewart


by Nicci Gilbert-Daniels


Eyani Couture

by Sakinah B.

Eye Candy

by SK WiLBUR - Sorta Kinda Enterprises


by Jasmine Elder

Jill Alexander Designs

by Jill Alexander

Kiss My Curves

by Evie Foster

Lane Bryant

Lavender's Jungle

by La Krisha Joseph-Baker

Mandeep Litt

by Mandeep Singh Litt


by Love Voundi

MYNT 1792

by Adorn Fashions

Pretty Pear Bride

Queen Grace Collection

by Marina Zelner

Rachel Pally White Label

Savannah Red

by Anslee Connell


Sorella Swim

by Jessica Petersen

Youtheary Khmer

by Theary Sim

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