Full Figured Fashion Week™ (FFFWeek) will be produced by DeVoe Signature Events (DSE), an events management company with an extensive background in the production of plus size fashion related events, plus model training and management.

With over 10 years experience in fashion show production, Gwen DeVoe, CEO of DSE and Executive Producer of FFFWeek says, “It is time for designers, retailers, boutique owners and businesses with an interest in the plus size market to combine their resources and their talents to create a memorable event that will rival all other Fashion Weeks. We are uniquely qualified to make this event a success because we work directly with plus size consumers and know what they want. They want great fitting, fashionable clothing that is readily available in stores and online. The plus size consumer is a loyal consumer and because quality fashion items are so hard to find, they will be loyal to brands that they like."

We believe that FFFWeek will not only provide an opportunity for independent designers to market their collections to a wider audience, and a unique opportunity for plus models to gain more professional exposure on the runway, but also a chance for the media, buyers and the general public to have access to collections that have not received the marketing and publicity they deserve. FFFWeek is also an excellent vehicle for those retailers and boutiques who want to expand their customer base.

We are very excited to be the creators of FFFWeek. We anticipate the support of thousands of consumers, designers, retailers, businesses and, of course the media. New York City will be our inaugural showcase but we anticipate producing FFFWeek in major cities across the nation.

We thank each and every one of you who wrote to us and said “it’s about time!” Of course, we’re doing it all for you!

Here’s what some of our loyal supporters have to say about FFFWeek:

"The Voluptuous Woman Company has served as an advocate for the positive promotion of plus size women for 11 years. Statistics have show that the plus size (specialty) industry has increased in apparel sales, even during the current recession, mainly due to the majority of women in the United States currently measuring at a size 14 and up. The First Annual Full Figure Fashion Week is the brainchild of Gwen DeVoe, and will be a groundbreaking fashion event that will provide a "mainstream" platform for plus size fashion.

"Over the past 10+ years, DeVoe Signature Events, a premier model training and fashion show production company, has been at the forefront of leveling the fashion playing field for women size 14 and up. As an advocate of the plus size industry, I have had to pleasure to work with DeVoe Signature Events on numerous productions, and the attention to detail and organization that DeVoe Signature Events lends to each and every project surpasses every other fashion production event that I have ever been involved in. The level of communication and production that Ms. DeVoe and her team display in the front and back stage production, models a New York Fashion Week production, not to mention, Ms. DeVoe is an excellent team leader and show commentator that keeps any audience engaged." - Jennene Biggins, Founder & CEO, The Voluptuous Woman Company

"The Plus size clothing industry has been on the rise for the past ten years with more and more designers creating plus size lines and designers opening up boutiques targeting the plus size consumer. Plus size fashion is a multi-billion dollar industry and the time has come time to showcase those who make up this fabulous market.

DeVoe Signature Events has many years of experience in bringing elaborate events to its audiences. We are all very excited about being a part of this incredible time in the plus size industry." - Madeline Jones, Editor, Plus Model Magazine

"I am so excited that DeVoe Signature Events has decided to launch the official Full Figured Fashion Week in New York City. DeVoe Signature Events has always raised the bar in the area of full figured fashion production. Thank you for being one of the most trusted and reliable sources for the Full Figured Community." - Rhonda Wilkins, CEO, Diva's Unlimited Inc.

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